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Our Kona & Kauai tours are a great option for those looking for family and budget friendly tour options in Kona & Kauai! Whether it be on our Hop On Hop Off Tours, Coffee Farm Tours, Historical or Scenic Tours, we can guarantee you’ll have an unforgettable time. On all of our tours, we make sure to show you the rich history of Hawaii.

You’ll get to know some of Kona & Kauai’s most iconic areas on our Hop On Hop Off Tours, experiencing the best beaches & natural wonders that Hawaii has to offer! At Clark’s Hawaii Tours, we are all about personalized service, which is why we also cater to small-groups with our private tours – where you call the shots.

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Our mission at Clark’s Hawaii Tours is to spread Aloha, not only to our esteemed guests but also to our dedicated employees and the surrounding community. With a strong commitment to excellence, we strive to provide exceptional experiences that showcase the rich heritage and natural wonders of Hawaii.

We are proud that Clark’s Hawaii Tours has become a 100% woman-owned business. As a full-service tour and transportation company, we take pride in offering comprehensive solutions to cater to our clients’ diverse needs.

Embark on an unforgettable journey with Clark’s Hawaii Tours and discover the true essence of this captivating destination. Our team looks forward to welcoming you and ensuring an exceptional and memorable adventure.

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